5 new luxury homes to add to your list

The most stunningly luxurious home in town is the new $3.6 million home by Japanese designer Mitsuo Miyagi at the Maranello Collection in Rome.

The house is so stunning, it was named one of the best new homes in Italy, the official listing for which revealed it as the most luxurious home by far.

The Maranella Collection, a boutique hotel in the heart of Rome, boasts three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a stunning pool and rooftop terrace and a spacious living room.

Miyagi’s new home, which has a private beachfront, is a prime example of a luxury home with a private swimming pool, an ocean view and a rooftop terraced patio.

It is one of six new luxury home by the designer for sale by Maranelli.

It will sell for $3,639,000.

Meyagi is also the designer behind the new Maranellos collection of high-end, luxury apartments, which includes three-bedroom, four-bathroom and seven-bedroom villas.

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