Gurulab Luxury Homes: Luxury Home Staging Gets New York Deal

NEW YORK (MSN) — Gurulab luxury homes in the United States are scheduled to begin leasing for $4,000 per month.

The company has leased out 5,000 units, of which 1,000 are leased to luxury home builders, including New York-based Gurulabs Luxury Housing.

GURULAB, a New York real estate development company, is building its new luxury home staging facility, which will accommodate about 2,000 apartments, and is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

“This is a huge win for Gurulb and for the entire real estate community,” Gurulbar founder, Gurul Barani, said in a statement.

This deal provides us the opportunity to deliver the best housing in the world to our community.

As we build and renovate the Gurulbs Luxury Houses in New York, we are committed to ensuring our housing stock remains affordable to the New York City community, providing our residents with the quality of life they deserve.

“The $4.2 million purchase price tag will allow Gurulbars Luxury to create 10,000 homes for rental, the company said in its announcement.

Its current production facilities in New Jersey and Florida have sold out.

After New York’s purchase, Gurulpabs will lease the first 500 units of the $7.7 million facility, at which time it will expand the number of units to about 10,500 units, and then to 20,000.

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