How to buy a condo in Toronto for under $1 million

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – May 14, 2018) – A lot of people think condo prices are skyrocketing, but it is far from the case.

According to a recent study by the real estate firm Matterport, the average Toronto condo price in 2016 was $1.2 million.

It’s a drop of 4.7% compared to the same time last year.

For the first time in four years, Toronto condo prices fell by nearly half compared to last year, but this is due to a large number of people buying condos at under $600,000.

With condos now priced in a range from $800,000 to $1 billion, the Toronto condo market is still far from bursting.

With a median price of $639,000, the typical condo is a great deal less expensive than other Canadian cities.

As a result, the majority of condo owners have taken the plunge and are willing to pay a little more than $600 million for a condo.

This has opened the floodgates for people looking to buy their first condo.

Here are the top ten condos in Toronto and their projected prices, with a list of recent high-end condo sales and the price per square foot of a typical condo.


The Parkland Tower by Bayside Property Management – $1,200,000 – Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, the Parkland tower at 1 West Parkland Ave is one of the most well-known condos in the city.

It is one floor below the Harbourview Centre, which is a major hub for the city’s entertainment and entertainment district.

The parkland tower is surrounded by a massive concrete courtyard that is home to the Toronto Zoo.

This property is only accessible via the Parklands subway station.

In fact, if you want to walk up to the Parklander, you need to walk two levels up.

The apartment is located in a modern style condo with large balcony.

The main entrance is located on the third floor and the basement is accessible via a stairwell.

The price of the condo is listed at $1.,200,00 per square meter, which translates to a $1 per square metre price.


The Marmot Tower by L.L. Bean – $2,400,000 (sold for $1) – The Marmots tower in the City of Toronto is a five-storey condo at the corner of Parkland Avenue and Queen Street East.

It has two levels.

The first floor is a studio and two bedrooms with a queen-sized bathroom.

The second floor is two-bedroom, one bath with a double vanity.

It features a large terrace and an infinity pool.

The unit includes an on-site chef’s kitchen and a rooftop deck.

The condos is located at the intersection of Queen and Parklands.

The market value of the unit is listed as $2.40 million, which will set you back $1 a square foot.


The Queen West by Larkhill Property Management (sold at $2 million) – This luxury condo at 5 Queen West is a four-storeys condo at a height of 5,300 feet.

It includes two levels, a kitchen, and a large outdoor terrace.

The third floor features a terrace, a private gym, and the main entrance.

The condo is currently listed at a price of between $2 and $3 million.


The Dining Room at Roxy by Dining Rooms – $3,000 per square ft – This five-bedroom condo at 11 Queen Street West is located near the entrance to the Roxy hotel, and has been a favorite for a while.

It was built in 2002, and was named a “best condominium” in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) by The Globe and Mail.

It boasts a large pool, heated outdoor patio, and full-service bar.

It also has an infinity spa.

The prices of the units are listed at between $3.1 million and $4.2 billion.


The Lake Shore by Cushman & Nash Properties – $4,500,000 or more – Located at the heart, north, of Toronto’s waterfront, this five-level condo is the tallest condominium in the area.

It sits at 8,300 metres above sea level and has an amazing view of Lake Ontario.

The building features an indoor pool and private gym with two fireplaces, a fully equipped living room, a full-size dining room, and an expansive terrace overlooking Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment.

The property is located just a few blocks from the waterfront, and is popular with the city and many residents.

The median price for the condo in the GTA is $4 million.


The Harbourview Condominiums at Duxbury – $6,000 a square metre – Located on the east side of

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