How to buy luxury homes in Australia

A new guide from luxury house specialists The Sport has shed light on some of the best bargains to buy in Australia, including luxury homes from the likes of the Burberry and Louis Vuitton.

Key points:The Sport’s luxury house guide has some of Australia’s most desirable homesThe guide also gives you the best places to buy a homeIn a series of six posts this week, The Sport’s editors have gone through the top five best bargain homes in each state and territory, ranking them by price, location, and amenities.

The guide features the best properties in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick, which features a large concentration of high-end residential developments.

While some of Brunswick’s properties have a reputation for being a bit pricey, its luxury home prices are relatively affordable, according to the guide.

It was priced at $1.75 million in February 2019, or $7.2 million today, which was almost $400,000 cheaper than Melbourne’s average house price of $1,868,000.

The best property to buy is a house in Brunswick’s suburbs of St Clair and Brunswick Hills, which sells for just $1 million today.

It’s an impressive price, considering that St Clair is about 40 minutes drive from Brunswick and Brunswick has only 1.7 per cent of the metropolitan area’s population.

Bristol Hills has a wide variety of residential developments, with many apartments and townhouses to choose from.

The Brunswick Hills house also features a pool house, a guesthouse and a gym, with amenities such as heated pools and a large library.

It would be a surprise if the Brunswick Hills home didn’t come with a handy private driveway.

The house has two bedrooms and a full kitchen, while the property’s three-bedroom home features two bathrooms.

It has been featured on The Good Homes List, which ranked it as the top property in its state for 2017.

It was also ranked by The Sydney Morning Herald as a top five property in NSW for 2019.

It is a five-minute drive from the city centre, which is an ideal place to live.

The property is right by the beach, the ocean and the harbour, making it perfect for those who want to live in a beachside suburb, as well as the many locals who love to walk their dogs.

In terms of location, Brunswick Hills is nestled in the foothills of the Yarra Valley, about a 40 minute drive from Sydney.

It offers the ideal mix of affordability and amenities to suit the local community.

Brisbane’s suburb of Fitzroy is another great property to purchase, with a property for $2.2 billion, or about $6,200 per square metre.

It sits on the north-west corner of the city, where it is surrounded by the Yarran River, the Brisbane River and the South Brisbane River.

The property features a garden, outdoor patio and an impressive library.

It also has a large swimming pool.

Brimburn’s suburb, St Albans, is a great place to buy for a home.

It’s close to the CBD and a short walk from the famous CBD Zoo.

The St Alban home features a modern and well-designed design, with lots of character and character touches.

It also has an indoor swimming pool, a small terrace, a large garden and a great rooftop deck.

St Albans has some great suburbs to buy property from, with the suburb of Wollongong, on the south-west coast, a good suburb with a great beach, great public transport and excellent amenities.

There are many great properties in St Albins, including the home for $1 billion, which offers a gorgeous view of the harbour and the city.

St Georges Island is a relatively affordable suburb of Brisbane.

Its three-storey home features an indoor pool, terrace and an amazing rooftop deck, with easy access to the city and the Yarr River.

Its main attraction is a new bike path along the river, which runs through the heart of the suburb.

In 2018, the property was named as the number one property in Brisbane’s inner-west, and the property had an average price of just $933,000, which came to just $200,000 less than Melbourne.

Brunswick has a diverse population of over 100,000 people, which means the area has a good mix of homes for sale, with homes in the CBD, North Bundaberg, North Ryde and South Bundaburg.

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