How to find the perfect house in Dubai

The Dubai luxury market is the perfect place to buy a house and it is getting better every day.

A new report by Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) shows that the city is now home to the biggest number of luxury homes in the world.

Dubai has the largest number of residential properties in the country, and with nearly two thirds of the houses being luxury, it is the capital of the Middle East and the Gulf.

But it is not only the homes that are becoming luxurious.

There are also new developments all over the city that have been designed to cater to a wider range of buyers.

The report, titled ‘Dubai: A City of Luxury Homes’, lists some of the most popular areas for home owners in Dubai and explains why they are becoming more popular.

It is the city’s largest luxury market, with around 6.5 million properties registered, a whopping 17 per cent increase from a year ago.

This is mainly down to the arrival of high-end luxury properties such as the Dolce & Lavie penthouse, and the Luxor penthouse.

There is also an influx of new high-rise luxury properties, such as Dolce Marini’s 1.4 million-square-foot (2.4 hectare) penthouse and the 3.6 million-sq-ft (17 hectare, 19 hectare and 23 hectare apartments.

While this is a welcome increase in the number of homes that cater to high-dollar buyers, the report says that this trend could be on the decline in the future.

This was highlighted by the fact that there are now fewer than 20 luxury housing projects registered in Dubai, compared to 30 years ago.

The number of high value properties is down from nearly 1.8 million in 2009.

However, there are a number of other trends that are also affecting the market, the REIT report says.

The average price of a new home is now lower than that of the average property, which is not necessarily a bad thing, the researchers say.

However, the number and density of luxury housing developments has increased, and developers are looking to increase the density of the market.

This can only help boost the price of the property and therefore the market’s value.

There are also other trends to watch out for in the next few years, according to the report.

Dubais high-density development is also a sign of a more globalised market, which will benefit from the growth of the luxury market.

It will also make it easier for foreign investors to purchase properties in Dubai.

There will be a shortage of luxury properties as the high-net-worth individuals have started to focus on diversifying their assets and purchasing homes, which are not only more expensive, but also harder to find.

The most recent development in the Dubai market, Dolce Moro’s 1,000-sq ft (30-hectare) apartment is set to be completed this month.

It is located in a shopping mall, with a residential street that runs along the top.

However the developers are not just building luxury homes here, they are also planning to build a high-class residential street.

Dubra’s high-tech boom will also be seen in the city.

The developers have already begun work on the construction of a high tech development, which should be ready for the beginning of the 2020s.

The Dubai-based company, Real Estate Development Group (REG), has plans to build more than 2,000 luxury homes over the next decade.

Dubris economy is booming and there are some exciting developments in Dubai to watch in the near future.

The REIT study says the city will see the construction boom continue for several years, but it is important to watch the trend for future growth in the luxury industry.REG says it will be the next big thing in Dubai with the construction industry.

“The city has a huge potential to become the next great global city,” said Michael Kelly, Director of REG.

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