How to get into the latest luxury modular home

What you need to know about luxury modular housing, from the smallest to the biggest, from high-end to affordable.

1 / 9 2 / 9 The biggest of the luxury modular houses, this three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in London has a range of terraces and decks.

The home’s owner, a young couple, bought it for £1.9 million when it was snapped up by the property developer in October 2016.

The two-bedroom house has a terrace and decks, but a kitchen is a separate room.

The second bedroom is shared with a young woman, and the house has four bedrooms and a pool, as well as a kitchen and bathroom.

It is the third-largest luxury modular house in London, behind a four-bedroom home in the city’s Camden area and a three-storey house in the suburbs.

The owners of the house, who also live in a five-bedroom mansion in London’s Camden, told the BBC the home was “completely stripped” of furniture and was sold to a builder in China, where the owner lives.

The property developer, Sotheby’s, is offering a 50 per cent discount to buyers of the four-bedroom home, which is one of the biggest luxury modular properties in the world.

Sothebys spokeswoman Emma Kavanagh said the property had been on the market since October 2016 for a record £1 million.

“It is a truly remarkable property,” she said.

“The owners have done a magnificent job.

It was built from scratch.”

The property has four separate terraces.

“I had to cut the kitchen off,” the owner told the broadcaster.

“When I went to the shop I realised the fridge was gone.”

The house has two kitchens and a shower.

The front of the home has a kitchen, but the kitchen is not shared with the kitchen, which has a separate entrance and bathroom for each bedroom.

The terraces have a full-length shower and two separate baths.

The house is divided into two rooms, each with its own bathroom.

The owner, who asked not to be named, said she would have been interested in buying the house but felt it was not as good as the other properties in Camden.

The buyer of the property said the new owner had done a wonderful job on the property.

“She has got everything right,” the buyer said.

The builder has been contacted for comment.

A second house, this one in North London, has been on offer for £5 million for three years.

The new owner of the building, which was bought in March 2016, told BBC Radio 5 live she was “very happy” with the new home.

“This is the kind of house that you would want to live in,” she told the programme.

The developer, who does not want to be identified, said it had a number of buyers interested in the property, and had been working on a “specialised” deal for the buyer.

The seller has since sold the home.

BBC London’s house reporter Anna Biderman said there had been “a lot of interest” in the two-storeys house.

She said it was the second-largest in London.

The building, built in 1875, has five bedrooms and two bathrooms.

A woman, who said she was an apprentice housekeeper, said the house was not very big, but it was “quite big”.

“It’s quite big,” she explained.

“But it’s nice, it’s spacious and there are plenty of rooms.”

We’re a couple of days from the airport, so it’s quite nice.”

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