How To Get The Right Homes For Your Home Needs

Luxury homes can be expensive.

They can be huge.

They are meant to be lived in.

And they can cost thousands.

But the best way to make a big investment in your home is to look at what the most affordable homes in your area are.

Here are some of our top picks.


Tawwasso (Auctioneer’s Pick)Tawwasa is a stunning beachside community on the island of South Georgia.

Located in the Tawwa peninsula, it has been known for its spectacular beaches and stunning water views.

The beachfront is just a stone’s throw away from the popular Waikato National Park, which includes a huge range of wildlife.

With stunning views of the surrounding landscape, Tawwoasa is also an ideal spot for families and families-of-all-ages to relax and unwind.


Shingle Bay (Auctions)Located on the west coast of New Zealand, Shingles Bay is the home of the world’s largest turtle rookery.

The nesting area is surrounded by a thick forest, which is home to the world-famous seagulls.

The area is known for being the home to many endangered species, including the long-tailed seabird.

It is also famous for its colourful, distinctive and unusual vegetation.


Chantal Island (AUCTIONS)The popular holiday resort town of Chantals is just 30 minutes from Auckland and boasts a beach on the outskirts.

It’s a beach-side community, nestled between the North Island and the South Island, and is home, in the main, to one of New Zealander’s most famous beaches: the Waikatea Bay.


D’Urfura Island (Sellers)Located in the New Zealand Pacific Ocean off the coast of South Australia, the tiny town of D’urfura is home of a quaint beach community known for the incredible white sand beaches.

It has been a favourite spot for tourists since the 1960s, and has even been chosen as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008.


Lark Island (Museums of the Pacific)Located off the Pacific Ocean on the southern end of South America, Lark is a coastal town with a beach and is known as the ‘home of the ocean’.

The town’s unique architecture and vibrant architecture are complemented by the sea and natural wonders.

The Lark Beach is an ideal location for beach outings and holiday activities.


Takaiki (Actions)Located just off the southern coast of the Solomon Islands, Takaikis beachfront village has become a favourite location for weekend getaways.

With a charming and modern beachfront community, this small island has been dubbed ‘The Beach of the Future’.

It also has one of the best beach volleyball courts in the world, which attracts a number of local and international players.


Kaitaia Island (Home)Located about 10 minutes south of Auckland, Kaitaiia Island has been designated a UNESCO world heritage site and is famous for being home to a number local animals including sea turtles, sea birds and dolphins.


The Bay (Home for Auctions)This is a lovely coastal village just off of Auckland’s northern coast, with stunning views, stunning scenery and a vibrant and colourful waterfront.

The home of The Bay is also home to some of New World’s most important and popular beaches.


Sashimi Bay (The Beach)Located a short boat ride from the Waianae peninsula, the beach is a favourite place for families to enjoy an evening out on the water.

The harbour, with its colourful sea life and spectacular waves, is perfect for any family outing, with a wide range of options to choose from.


Bay of Plenty (Agency’s Pick)(Sale)Situated in the north-east corner of the New South Wales Central Coast, the Bay of Lots is the world famous home of one of South Island’s favourite holiday destinations, the Waiau.

The town is renowned for its natural beauty, beaches and beautiful views.


Lighthouse Point (Actors Pick)This spectacular site has been described as the most beautiful spot on the New England coast, boasting a spectacular lighthouse with views of all the islands of New England.


Kealowata Bay (Sale)(Museum of the North)The world-renowned Bay of Kealows is home for an array of wildlife including sea birds, sea turtles and dolphins, and the most spectacular beach in New Zealand.

The island is also known for a variety of recreational activities, such as kitesurfing and water sports.


Auchenhazy Bay (Museum of the Atlantic)The best part of the Great Barrier Reef National Park is Auchehazy, a place of spectacular

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