How to spend your new $2 million home in New York

LONDON — When the $2.5 million beachfront mansion in Florida’s Keys was first purchased, it sold for $9 million.

Now it’s worth $2,542,000.

The house, which sits on a private island, was first bought for $1.9 million in the 1960s by a wealthy woman, according to an auction house.

Now, it’s up for auction for a record-setting $1 million, after the sale closed Tuesday.

The mansion is one of three in Florida that sold for more than $1 billion.

The house, built in 1959, is listed for $2m.

The other two are $1,725,000 and $1m.

This is the second sale of the estate, after a $6 million sale in New Jersey.

It is the property of the late billionaire and philanthropist David Rockefeller.

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