‘I’m just so excited’: A woman’s journey from luxury homes to luxury prefabs

A luxury home remodeler has spent almost three years rebuilding a luxury apartment in the capital’s west.

Key points:Eden Luxury is owned by Lendlease, an Australian property investment groupEden’s refurbished luxury home in Sydney’s west is now being sold by Lender of Dreams property developer, to a group of Sydney luxury home ownersThe new owner says it’s a “great opportunity” to sell the houseThe Sydney-based developer says the refurbished house has been “a massive success” with its owners.

“We’re so happy, it’s been a massive success,” Ms Muthu said.

“I don’t think anyone would have believed this would happen at such a young age, and it’s just so exciting to see it all come together.”

The first floor of the new Eden Luxury property in Sydney has been gutted and is being sold to buyers.

It’s the first of several renovations to be completed, as Ms Muzi’s husband and three young children move into the refurbishment project.

“It’s so exciting for us to be able to give them a place where they can get a quality home that they want to be a part of,” Ms Mahesh said.”[It’s] an opportunity for the family to start moving forward and having their dream come true.”

The project has been completed in a couple of years.

Ms Muthur said the owners had spent three years refurbishing their home and were excited to see the first-floor windows and the front of the house in their new home open up.

“They’ve got a new kitchen, a new bathroom, a full bath and a whole lot of amenities,” Ms Zulu said.

The new owners say the house is a “huge success”The couple moved into the new home at the end of June after moving into a luxury property in nearby Melbourne.

“As we moved in, we were so excited, we didn’t know what to expect,” Ms Gopi said.

“We were in shock, we couldn’t believe what we were seeing.”

The new Eden owners have had a lot of experience renovating luxury homes in Australia, and they said they were able to build on the work done by their predecessors.

“There’s a lot that we can build upon, so that we don’t lose anything,” Ms Sulu said of the remodel.

“You need to be patient with the project, you need to do your research and take it on trust.”

The people that did the work and the knowledge and the time that we put into it, it has paid off in the end.”‘

A lot of things changed’While the renovations to the home were a “massive success”, the project has taken some time to get right.”

This has been a very big project, there’s been quite a lot,” Ms Vadim said.

She said the couple’s main concerns were the cost and the timeframe of the project.”[The renovations] had taken about a year to do, so it’s not as simple as you just do a remodel and go home,” Ms Nithian said.

Ms Nithians experience of luxury homes was something that she wanted to take into her own home remodelling project.

But the new owners, who are now living in the renovated property, said the cost of the renovations had been a “big issue” for them.”

When you’re looking at it as a luxury home, you can’t do any alterations,” Ms Pahadi said.

A spokesperson for Lendloq said the company was “delighted” to be partnering with the new owner on the project and was confident they would “successfully complete this major refurbishment of their home”.”

We are extremely proud of the work we have done to ensure this beautiful, historic Victorian property is in the best possible condition for the benefit of our guests and our residents,” the spokesperson said.

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