Luxury home sold for $2.8 million by private seller, who is not a resident of the U.S.

On Wednesday, a man who did not provide a public address address in New York City registered a luxury home for sale for $1.8-million, according to a listing on Biddeflow.

The listing description, posted to a website for home sellers, states that the home is a five-bedroom, three-bathroom, three story home with a large, terraced backyard.

The buyer, who has not been identified, was a resident in New Jersey, according the listing.

The house, which was not on the National Register of Historic Places, was listed for sale on March 6, 2017.

The seller told the listing agent that he was looking for a private buyer who was able to pay his taxes and provide his financial disclosure.

According to the listing, the home was built in 1878 and was built on a piece of land located in the city’s Westchester County.

The property is located in a neighborhood of wealthy families and prominent neighborhoods, and is a prime location for a vacation home.

According the listing description: This house was purchased in 2014 and is currently a full time resident in the neighborhood.

We have a beautiful backyard, a very large patio area, a private balcony, a fireplace and an open kitchen and dining area.

There are 3 bathrooms.

The main floor is a master suite and has 2 bedrooms, a full bath, a large open kitchen with 2-car garage, and a very nice living room with fireplace and Jacuzzi.

The bathroom has a large shower area.

The basement has a huge fireplace.

This home is in a nice neighborhood.

Please consider visiting us.

The owner did not respond to the email seeking comment from Crypto Coins.

The description also noted that the property is valued at $3.1 million.

A listing for the property was also posted on, a website that allows buyers to submit offers on homes and other real estate for sale.

The agent for the buyer is a registered broker. did not immediately respond to a request for comment from CNBC.

The sale has not yet been confirmed by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.

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