Luxury Log Homes – Australia’s most expensive luxury properties

A luxury home with its own beach resort and a yacht club is currently being built in the Melbourne suburb of Balmoral.

The property is being built by the Australian luxury luxury home developer and is known as Balmoral Resort and Spa.

It will have a five-bedroom, three-bathroom villa and two-car garage.

It will also include a spa and sauna.

The villa will have its own private beach and will have two decks, a pool, sauna, and sapphire waterside bar.

The spa will be located on a large deck.

Balmoral’s owner, the luxury home development company, Balmoral Properties, has been planning the villa since 2008.

A spokesman for Balmoral said it was the “first luxury home” in the area and that it was designed by architect Peter Langer.

“It will provide a stunning beach retreat, complete with a spa, saunas, sapling pools and a private deck and private pool, all of which will be perfect for guests to enjoy while on the private beach,” the statement read.

“The villas will also feature an amazing outdoor garden and a swimming pool.”

The resort will also be linked to a restaurant, bars and shops, and will be linked with a large entertainment venue.

A spokeswoman for Balmain Council said that it would not comment on individual developments.

She said that the council had been in contact with the developer and that the area was “under active planning”.

“The development will be subject to the approvals of the Victorian Government, and if any issues arise we will be able to provide more information,” she said.

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