Luxury prefabs for sale: Buyers get a peek inside the luxury homes of Stockholm

Buyers at luxury prefab homes in Stockholm will get a taste of the Stockholm luxury housing boom in a video presentation on Tuesday, when they will be able to watch how prefabs are built and what they cost.

The video, titled “Home to the Future,” will be streamed live at 8 p.m.

PT on the home builder’s website.

It will be hosted by Luxury Homes, which owns and manages the prefab houses in Stockholm, and will be available for purchase for $1.5 million.

The prefabs were created for a different kind of home, like a studio apartment, or a tiny home, where a homeowner might have to share a bedroom with multiple tenants.

This way, the homeowner can live in one room and work from home.

The Swedish government is planning to build 10 million prefab housing units by 2020.

It expects that about 60 percent of the units will be used for temporary housing.

The Stockholm area is already a hotbed for construction.

Last year, the city was home to more than 40,000 new housing units.

The new homes are likely to be filled with more than 1 million people, according to the city’s deputy mayor for housing, Joanne Knecht, who is in charge of the citys housing policy.

A video will show how prefab construction is done, the building process, and the cost of the finished units.

The government is also planning to provide a pilot program to show how people can buy homes in Sweden using a voucher program.

The program is aimed at young people.

The pilot will run for one year.

The city’s new housing policy has come under fire for its focus on young people and affordable housing.

In the last two years, the government has approved more than $1 billion in government subsidies to developers.

The prime minister, Stefan Lofven, has also said he is open to building more affordable housing in Sweden.

“The government’s focus on affordable housing is welcome, but also important, in this context, since a recent report by the OECD said that Sweden was one of the few countries in Europe with a higher proportion of young people in its housing stock than in other countries,” Lofvars government spokeswoman Marielle Lohse said.

Lofven has also announced plans to set up a new housing ministry with the aim of expanding housing for older people.

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