New Delhi: 2-bedroom, 3-bathroom apartment for Rs 1.3 lakh

A new home in Delhi for Rs1.3 crore has landed the family of an Indian-origin businessman.

The property, which is located in a residential area of the national capital, was built for the Mr S. V. Chandrashekhar, whose family owns a construction firm.

Chandrasekhar and his wife V. Raju bought the house in October last year for Rs. 2.95 crore.

Chandrababu, 50, who was living with his parents in the neighbourhood, says he had to pay Rs. 1.4 lakh as the cost of the land.

Chandrakshekh’s wife, who is a nurse, is also an IT professional.

They are married with two children.

Chandrachud, who lives with his wife and their two children in Delhi, says they are getting used to a new life in the city.

“My wife is a doctor.

She’s doing well and my children have a great start,” he said.

“I don’t have any problems.

I live in a comfortable place.

I am also enjoying being a part of this city.

My children are doing well.”

Chandrasekhar says the house is his dream.

“It was a dream of mine for so long.

I came here to make a mark and build something that will be a part for generations,” he says.

Chandrum, who has lived in Delhi since his teens, has spent his life in a rented house in a suburban area of Delhi.

“When I started to work for Tata Motors, I had no intention of going anywhere,” he recalls.

Chandram and his family started renting a one-bedroom flat from Tata Motors after moving to Delhi.

He says the experience of living in the house made him feel very comfortable.

“We have always wanted to build something bigger.

Now, we have our dream,” he adds.

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