New York apartment home designs ‘super-luxury’

New York-based developer Aljosoft has announced plans to launch a luxury apartment home, “the best of the best”, for sale in London.

Dubbed “the most expensive house in the world” by Aljotim’s Andrew, the £2.7 million home will be situated on an elevated ground floor of a luxury development at Highfields, near Whitechapel, in the north-east of London.

“The project is a culmination of a long and passionate collaboration between Aljotsoft and its client, Andrew, who has a long-standing interest in high-end, multi-family developments,” a statement from Aljoesoft said.

“This project is an ambitious and ambitious vision for the Highfields estate, with its extensive residential development and extensive residential-residential complex.”

We are delighted to offer the Highfield Estate to our client for the first time.

It is a spectacular development, with a stunning array of residential amenities and a stunning setting for the community.

“Aljotsort has previously developed high-rise apartment homes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Aljosort is developing “the ultimate luxury apartment” for the wealthy of the world.

The Highfields development will feature a “luxury pool”, a “fenced garden” and a “super-boutique spa”, according to the company.

The project will be sold for around £5 million (US$7.5 million), with the price being contingent on the buyer’s acceptance of the terms of the deal, Aljostro said.

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