Silverleaf’s new luxury homes sell out fast, but they’re still worth it

Two new luxury houses are selling out fast.

The first was sold by Silverleaf to a buyer from New York City.

The second was bought by a buyer in Southern California. 

Silverleaf is a real estate developer in Tucson, Arizona.

Its flagship building is the $2.3 billion Silverleaf Tower. 

When the tower opened in 2014, the city of Tucson was hoping to build two luxury residential projects that would include luxury homes on the top floors and the second floor of the tower. 

The project was supposed to be complete in 2023, but it was pushed back to 2020, and then again to 2024. 

After months of delays, the first phase of the projects finally opened last week. 

For the first two homes, the Silverleaf team took a gamble and bought the second-floor penthouse for $2 million.

That means that Silverleaf is still selling the first-floor unit for $1 million and the third-floor for $700,000. 

There are also two homes on sale that are priced at $1.4 million and $1,500,000, respectively. 

This year, Silverleaf also added three more homes on its list of luxury homes.

These are the $3 million three-bedroom penthouse at the corner of the intersection of W. 2nd and South, and the $4.8 million three bedroom, three bath penthouse on the corner between West 3rd and South. 

If you are a Silverleaf customer, it’s possible that you may have heard about the sale. 

 For more about Silverleaf, check out our review of its towers.

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