The Latest on the latest celebrity homes to hit the market

The latest on the luxury homes to enter the market, including a brand new home for Rihanna, a new home to star Michael Jackson, a luxury mansion for Jennifer Lopez and a brand-new home for Kate Moss. 

Here’s a look at what you need to know ahead of the new listings and their expected opening dates.

Read more: Hotels in Australia to offer the best hotel experiences in the countryThe property, which is listed on the National Capital Territory’s online real estate site, will be available to rent from August 19 and will have a base price of $2.6 million AUD. 

The home, built in the style of former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, is expected to be the first luxury home in Australia for more than a decade. 

“The home will be a modern, luxurious and exclusive retreat for the new owner,” the listing says. 

It is located at the corner of Adelaide and Glenelg in the ACT.

The property is expected be ready for its first sale in August 2020, when the property will be offered for $2 million.

The listing says the home is situated in a location that is “in the heart of the CBD”, where “you can explore the city for a few hours each day.”

Read moreAbout 20 luxury homes will be on the market over the next few months, including two luxury luxury homes in Sydney for a cost of $8 million each.

The first of those homes, a six-bedroom, 11-bathroom mansion in Sydney’s Fitzroy neighbourhood, is due to be completed later this year. 

Another property, located in Sydney, is set to be finished later this month. 

Meanwhile, another luxury home, located near Melbourne’s Yarra Park, is currently on the drawing board. 

But the most exciting new property for many is a new luxury home for a singer known as “Queen B.”

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