Warrington luxury home sale – Swiss real estate giant Gambrills to buy $15m house in Warwick

Swiss luxury home developer Gambrill has announced a $15 million home sale in Warwick, West Yorkshire, for sale for a reported $20 million.

The home is located in the upscale west Yorkshire town of Warwick and features a four-storey house, a garden, terraces, swimming pool, and private terraces.

It is said to be one of the “coolest” properties in the area.

It is being sold for $15.8 million. 

“I’m thrilled to welcome our home to the world,” said Paul Gambrilli, CEO of Gambril.

“We have been looking for a home in Warwick for a long time and it is such a special spot in the city and with our location and a huge pool in the garden, it is just right.”

A recent report from the property consultancy firm Savills predicted the home would sell for around $20.2 million.

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