What luxury yurts are out there?

The top three luxury yurt resorts in the country, according to LuxuryHomeMarket.com, have been selected based on a series of criteria: comfort, style and proximity to shopping. 

The luxury yurls are listed in order of their most luxurious homes.

The top three resorts listed in terms of comfort, and their amenities include an outdoor pool, an indoor spa, private tennis courts, an outdoor heated sauna, a sauna and steam room.

Luxury yurting is a luxury trend and there is a wide range of yurt options available to choose from.

Here is a look at the top three most luxurious yurted homes in Los Angeles, according the Luxury HomeMarket.COM survey.

Top three most luxury yurbts: Bellevue yurty, L.A. Villa yurry, Beverly Hills yur yur, Carson City yur Yurry source ESPN More articles

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