What to do with your super-rich super-luxury properties

What to be prepared for when you’re ready to sell your super wealthy super-luxe properties in the future? 

Here’s a list of some super-expensive luxury properties that might be up for grabs.

Stunningly high end super-premium property at the Carlton Carlton property, owned by Chinese billionaire Zhang Xiaoming, is a gem with views over the water.

The property sits at the centre of a $2 billion development of a brand new shopping centre.

It’s owned by China’s biggest construction company, Shanghai Jiaotong.

The property is worth $1.9 billion, with $700 million coming from the sale of the land.

The home also has a $300 million water feature and is expected to generate $500 million in economic activity.

The $2.9 million home at the iconic Carlton Carlton is the latest in a series of super-pornographic super-impositions, including a $1 million $2 million super-private residence in the same location.

In July last year, the family of American billionaire investor David Blatt purchased a $3 million mansion at the top of an enormous mountain in the US state of Colorado for $5.5 million.

The mansion was later sold for $1 billion.

The Sydney Harbour property at 1.9 hectares has become a major tourist attraction in Australia and attracted over one million people a year, mostly to see the spectacular views of Sydney Harbour.

Its owners, the Raffles Group, are planning to sell it and move into a new residential property next door.

The Raffles mansion in Sydney is the only one of its kind in Australia.

The estate boasts three private terraces, three swimming pools, and the largest swimming pool in the world.

The building has more than 600 rooms and is the largest private residence in Australia by a factor of 15.

The properties are owned by the Raffle Group and have been described as ‘luxury super-prime’. 

The property in the state of New South Wales has a history dating back to the 1920s, when it was a popular resort for the Sydney Guggenheim Museum.

It was built in 1930 and the Raucous mansion is listed on the New South Welsh Land Registry.

The family of billionaire investor Paul Singer owns several of the properties.

The Singer family owns the Singer Estate in the heart of Sydney, with two properties, one at the north end of the city and one at Stirling.

The home at 2,500sq m in the former Sydney Opera House has a swimming pool, gym, theatre, restaurants and a gym, and is located on the site of the former Opera House.

The site is currently owned by Stirling Properties, which is part of the Singer family’s empire.

The estate at the edge of Melbourne’s CBD is the second most expensive luxury property in Australia with a $10 million price tag. 

The home is at the corner of Victoria Street and King Street and is one of the largest homes in Melbourne. 

It is owned by billionaire and philanthropist Peter Singer. 

Its owners include the Singer Family Trust and the Singer Group.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Superluxury Property Report 2016 rated the mansion at a $15 million price, which was slightly higher than the previous report’s $12 million price.

The new homes for sale in Sydney are also on the list of the most expensive properties in Australia, with a whopping $13 million price per square metre.

The most expensive house in Sydney has recently been sold at a price of $17.3 million.

The $2,973,000 house at the CBD’s CBD Tower Hotel is one in a number of super luxury properties sold over the last few years.

The building was built for the world-famous Australian Film Corporation and is owned and managed by the Singer and Singer Family trusts.

The house at 4.3 hectares at the western end of Bondi Beach is currently the most luxurious property in Sydney and has been described by one of Sydney’s leading real estate agents as a “luxury playground”.

It was designed by architect Graham Norton. 

In February, the property at 6.1 hectares in Bondi, also in Bondis, was sold for a record $15.4 million, according to property listings site Realtor.com .

The $1,600,000 home at 3.6 hectares at Mount Lawley is a prime location for a new boutique hotel, with views across the harbour to the city.

It is owned jointly by the Rothschild Group and the Rothschild Family Trust. 

A $1-million $2-million home at a prime shopping location at the former World Trade Centre site in New York was sold to an Asian businessman for $3.5 billion.

It’s a multi-million dollar property with a large swimming pool and a spa, plus a cinema. 

Forbes magazine named it the fourth most expensive home in the country.

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