What to look for in a new luxury home

The first luxury home to go up for sale in Los Angeles was recently listed for $6.3 million.

It’s a 3,600-square-foot, 8,200-square foot home in the Hollywood Hills that sits on a 4,400-square acre parcel, which is about 30% of the city’s land area.

The home is a modern, modern-looking design with a large balcony that sits in the middle of a pool and a full-service spa and fitness center.

The new owner will have access to a pool with a water feature, two outdoor swimming pools, a spa, and a fitness center that has a full size gym and weights room.

The home also has a two-story guest bedroom that has been retrofitted to make the home even more comfortable.

According to the listing, the home is equipped with a custom stainless steel bathtub, a custom granite counter top, a granite fireplace, a stainless steel sink, and two custom cabinets that have been custom built to hold the furniture.

The listing also notes that the home has a built-in kitchen with stainless steel appliances.

There are also a lot of amenities that go into making the home a great luxury home.

In addition to the new owners lifestyle, the listing also has plenty of amenities for guests to enjoy.

This is a really interesting home, it’s a unique and unique experience.

The people that own it, they have this great reputation of living a luxurious lifestyle.

I’ve always loved the fact that people who are really nice can live this lifestyle and still be happy.

And there’s no doubt that the guests who live here will love it as well.

I’m really excited to have them here.

We’re also really excited that we can continue to be in the market for the best, newest luxury homes.

What to look out for in your new home?

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