When it comes to luxury homes, Texas has a long way to go, but we’re here to help

In November, we reported on the story of the people who bought the home they now call home and the struggle they faced to get their dream home.

This week, Recode’s Jason Noble is here to tell the story in the real world.

In the days following the story’s publication, we asked the residents of the tiny home community of Tulsa, Oklahoma, to share their experiences.

The response was overwhelming.

And we want to share the same kind of support and love for the Tulsan people and the community they serve.

The Tulsans, we heard, have been a remarkable and resilient people who have been able to adapt and thrive in this difficult time.

We were thrilled when the Tritons asked us to host a retreat.

But we couldn’t have chosen a better place to host it.

Our hosts and family members are a family of dedicated professionals who have devoted their lives to helping others succeed.

They are not your typical tech startup founders.

They are not typical college graduates.

They were born into privilege, and they are a diverse and creative family.

The Triton families are the epitome of American success, and we are honored to be able to share that with them.

They live in a community with a high school graduation rate of 93 percent, and an average household income of more than $100,000 a year.

They’re part of a thriving tech community and have built a family that will continue to grow.

In October, the Torsons moved into their new home, a one-bedroom house in the beautiful community of Old Tulsac, a beautiful, mostly undeveloped tract that sits on the edge of the city.

They have never owned a home in their lives, but the Tussons are part of the Tilt House Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to improving access to affordable, quality housing.

They’ve spent the past year putting their dream house on the market.

They’ve been working with a local real estate agent, and the process was quick and efficient.

After their initial meeting, the real estate agents arranged for an inspection of the property and a review of the home’s condition.

After that, the owners were given an opportunity to see the house in person.

They were amazed to find it had been repaired to their standards, and after a series of visits over the next few months, they were confident that they had a home that would be suitable for their family and the lifestyle they were trying to build.

When they arrived at their new house, the owner told them that it had received a $1,200 repair fee.

He said it was more than they had ever paid before, and he wanted to thank them for helping him make his dream home more affordable.

“It’s been so worth it,” the Trenchmans said.

In January, the family moved in.

For the first time in their life, they shared their dream of living together.

They decided to rent the house, a small apartment that would provide a basic living space for the family of three.

The house’s spacious living room is covered with furniture and features a fireplace.

And the Tressons are proud to say that it has been their “perfect living space.”

The Trenchman’s first home is the only one they have owned.

For the next two years, the new owners have been working to upgrade the house.

It’s a big job, and it requires a lot of time and energy.

They need to replace the doors and windows, and replace the windows.

They also need to work on the insulation, which is a huge cost.

But for the moment, they’re happy with the work that they’ve done.

The owners’ biggest challenge is maintaining a roof.

The building has a total of eight stories, and when the winter storms come, they must get the roof fixed.

The problem is that it’s an expensive project.

The house also has a laundry facility, a garage, and a laundry room that the family also uses to take care of laundry.

They don’t have any large appliances, so the house is usually empty at night.

When they have guests over, the house gets pretty crowded.

And, of course, the problem with the roof is that the tarp covers up the entire front yard.

So, for the time being, the building will be turned into a storage shed for the household.

The first few weeks were rough.

The owners moved in and out of the house quite a bit.

But they’ve come a long ways since then.

Now that they’re living in a home, the members of the family are proud of what they’ve accomplished.

The people in the community have been very supportive of the renovations, and Trenchers are now able to enjoy a nice home, even if it’s not the one they imagined.

“We’ve been living here for a year and a half, and this is our first house,” the husband,

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