When you think of luxury, what do you think is most expensive?

A year ago, we were talking about the cheapest homes in Florida.

Today, they’re in the top 10 most expensive homes in the country, according to data compiled by real estate analytics firm Zillow.

The most expensive houses in Florida are in Jacksonville, Tampa and Miami.

That’s the top spot in the nation, according the data, which includes average selling prices and the median price of the home.

The Miami condo market is a prime example.

It’s currently worth $4.3 million, the Zillows data shows.

The cheapest condo in the market, the townhouse at $2.9 million, is now the cheapest in the state.

The top-five most expensive condo neighborhoods in Florida include Coral Gables, where the median home price is $1.3 and the most expensive, Palm Beach Gardens, which is the second most expensive.

The Palm Beach area is also the most affordable in Florida, according Zillowers data.

But if you want a bigger home, Zillower says the cheapest place to buy a house in Florida is in Miami, where home prices average $4,856 per square foot, compared to $5,076 in Jacksonville and $6,065 in Tampa.

There are two reasons for that, Zellows says.

The first is the size of the city, which has an average population of about 1.4 million.

It has a lot of real estate to attract people, and there are lots of good options.

And the second is the fact that you can’t really get too close to a city.

The median sale price in Miami is $4 million, compared with $3.3 in Jacksonville.

The Zillers data is based on ZillOW’s Real Estate Scorecard, which ranks more than 1,200 properties by median sales price, the number of sales in a given month and the average sale price per square feet.

It ranks a city’s real estate affordability based on how much its median price is, Zilow says.

Miami’s median sale prices in July were $466,000, the most recent month on record.

The second most unaffordable homes in Miami are in Orlando, which ranked No. 3 on the list.

Orlando’s median home prices are $1,890 per square inch, up 12.5 percent from July.

The city has a population of 4.6 million people, according a Zilloview report.

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