Which is the biggest luxury home construction boom in the US?

A new wave of construction is set to hit the U.S. housing market as builders take advantage of a glut of cheap new supply.

But as construction costs continue to climb, many observers say the boom could end up costing the country more than expected.

Top 10 housing projects with the most construction start-up costs in the U: 1.

Home Builders in the Valley (CA) $1.9 billion 2.

St. Paul (MN)  $2.5 billion 3.

Detroit (MI)  $3.4 billion 4.

Austin (TX)    $3.2 billion 5.

Sacramento (CA)(tie) $2 billion 6.

Dallas (TX)(tie ) $1.6 billion 7.

San Francisco (CA )   $734 million 8.

Jacksonville (FL)              $890 million 9.

San Antonio (TX )                (tie)                               (top 2)  9.

Denver(CO) (unreported) ($1.5b) 10.

Milwaukee(WI)    $1 billion ____________________________________________________________

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