Why the $1,000,000 Luxury Homes Are Going To Get $1 Million

Luxury homes are going to get a $1 million deal, which would be the largest sale in luxury home history, according to real estate data provider RealtyTrac.

Luxury home sales have been on a steady rise since mid-2017, but this time around they’re likely to be even higher, according.

The biggest sale in history is expected to be the sale of an estate in New York that sold for $2.9 million last week, and it’s expected to sell for $5.4 million this week.

The sale is expected at a discount of at least $1.2 million, Realty Trac reported.

It is unclear what buyers will pay for the house, but analysts expect the sale price to be closer to the $5 million range.

The average sale price for luxury homes sold last year was $4.8 million.

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